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About Us

Who we are? What we do? What's your mission?

Who We Are?

Dynamic Vectors, The Financial Software Company is a Young, Modern and Dynamic company that provides great solutions for Bank, Private Bankers, Asset Managers & Family Officers..

No more, no less.

We have substantial experience both in finance and technologies. Every day, we improve this experience to serve and support our clients and partners. We are really passionate about our job.

We are active in Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.

What We Do?

We offer 2 products:

  • Actor 2.0 : the most advanced & complete banking software on the market
  • Globo 2.0 : our amazing development framework & application server based on Oracle

Actor 2.0 is covering all the features for all activities of bankers, private bankers, asset managers and family officers.

  • Powerful tools for asset management
  • Trading activities & executions
  • Back-Office, automated & integrated
  • Risk, accounts & operations monitoring, legal aspects
  • Reporting

For more information about Actor 2.0, please see the full detailed product sheet.

Globo 2.0 is a revolutionary framework designed to develop and run applications, based on Oracle, the world’s most best database & Java, the most popular coding language.
It's really a "Software Maker" and Globo 2.0 will change dramatically the way of coding and designing applications.!

For more information about Globo 2.0, please see the full detailed product sheet.


Our mission is simple, clear and can be summarized in 5 points:

  • Provide the most comprehensive and most advanced tools
  • Provide the best application & support for all our clients
  • Grow the business of our clients thanks to a collaborative approach
  • Remain as efficient as we are today
  • Always fair & competitive prices based on real economic facts

For more information, you can contact us or download our Company Overview in PDF

"Nothing is more important for us that our clients satisfaction. Our products must be on Top and our services blameless!"

Pascal Devulder, CEO