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Actor 2.0

Actor 2.0 is designed by «activities», an unique, original & new conception approach

5 "basic" activities

Actor 2.0 is designed by «activities», an unique, original & new conception approach. These activities are managed by one application, one database and one version.

All the features you need are distributed in five core businesses, constituting a solid, comprehensive and coherent Core Banking System.

5 activities are:

  • iDecide : Portfolio Management Solutions
  • iExecute : Order Management System
  • iAccount : Back-Office & Accounting
  • iMonitor : Controls and Risk Management
  • iReport : Reporting Solutions


iDecide takes supports all aspects of assets management. Across the application, you have access to powerful tools to manage portfolio's clients.

  • Securities fundamentals, Companies database
  • Assets Manager Decision
  • Portfolios rebalancing
  • Easy search tools, statistics,...
  • Portfolios classification
  • Return, ABP, +/- values, ...
  • Orders system


iExecute takes support of all aspects of front office, trading and orders processing.

  • Market Tools/Broker Facer
  • All securities/cash types
  • Order Management
  • Multiple orders, grouping orders, global orders
  • Traiding constraints
  • SWIFT & other format supported
  • Trainding controls


iAccount takes support of all aspects of back office, accounting, and client's accounts.

  • All exchange operations supported
  • Securities & cash operations, standing orders, OD & OST, Corporate
  • Fees
  • Cash interests
  • Clients & Company accounting
  • Coupons/dividends
  • brokerage
  • all financials tools supported
  • Omnibus, depositaries
  • Mutli currencies, Multi accounts, Multi entuties
  • Analytics


iMonitor takes support of all aspects of controls on client accounts, in terms of internal "guidelines" or legal aspect. With iMonitor, you can sleep on your two ears!

  • Advanced Risk Management (+30 controls)
  • Ex-Anté & Post-Anté Controls
  • MIFID, Legal, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering
  • QEER, Sleeping Account, Operations checking
  • Client's Constraints
  • Reporting for Supervisory Authority


iReport takes support of all reporting aspects : clients and internal.

  • Notes, bills, bank statements
  • Portfolio Valuation (single & consolidation)
  • Mailing nanagement (frequency, addressing, duplicate, ...)
  • Web banking (Clients & Pro)
  • Mailings
  • Security reports
  • Management Information Sysytem