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Actor 2.0

Actor 2.0, more than a Core Banking! In addition to 5 basic and core activities, a series of innovative and unique tools are also available!

Peripheral activities available in 2.0 Actor

Actor 2.0 is covering all the core activities of a financial company. Right. Actor 2.0 but goes further!

Always in the same application, in real time, and under one relational and transactional database, Actor 2.0 also offers the following great tools:

  • iOverview, iCommunicate & iSetup : essential tools for your freedom!
  • Actor4Web : a complete and usefull Web Banking!
  • Actor4Mobile : a great mobile app for your clients!
  • Globo 2.0 : a development & application framework made in "Dynamic Vectors"

With these additional functions, you are sure that all your activities are covered by an unique, complete and modern application. You can use all these features or only some of them, no matter, Actor 2.0 is an integrated application!


A incredible, complete and schedulable MIS report (Management Information System). An impressive number (+30!) of stats are available in real time, just by clicking one button :

  • Assets under administration
  • Costs analysis
  • Profitability
  • Statistics
  • Repartitions


Actor 2.0 is very open to all market standard to improve STP. This is great. But Actor 2.0 have also a powerful bi-directional gateway. Your broker, bank, counter-parties can send you any kind of file format, Actor 2.0 will be able to understand it, to import it in its gateway and finally to inject it in its core database.


Actor 2.0 is very setupable and therefore very flexible. A dedicated part of application is fully designed to allow end-user to make all needed setup (for example: pricing, clients setup, global decisions, risk management, fees calculation, depositary bank, broker choice,...). With Actor 2.0, you hand your business!

  • Advanced Risk Management (+30 controls)
  • Ex & Post ante checking
  • Customizable Reporting
  • General setup
  • Internal rules
  • and much more!


Actor4Web is the web banking application included in Actor 2.0. In real time, thanks to a set of powerful web services and pre-defined functions, your final clients or your professional people can view, in a really great and ergonomic website, their accounts and portfolios.

Actor 2.0 have two web banking version : one for your final customer (Client Version) and other one for your professional people (Pro Version)

Your clients and your professionals have a worldwide access to their datas, within a highly secure application (audited by several legal authorities)

Some great features of our web banking solutions are:

  • Portfolio search and consultation
  • Performance calculation
  • Consolidation
  • Statistics
  • History cash & securities
  • Profit & loss by positions
  • Executed and pending orders
  • Prices graph, ...


In just some click and very fastly, all needed information are available. And of course, as usual with Actor 2.0, in real time and without any synchronization!


Actor 2.0 is the most advanced & complete banking application on the market, and it’s not just words!

In addition to dispose with Actor 2.0 a large coverage for all your activities, some great peripheral tools, probably the best portfolio consultation for your clients and professional, we offer also an amazing app for mobile device!

Just slide to success with this mobile app!

Actor 2.0 is the first Banking Solution dedicated for Investment Management company to propose a mobile app. None of our competitors have this very high valuable features for your clients.
This app will be launched in coming weeks.


Globo 2.0

When you buy a software, you buy in fact a "black box". This is always the case even some software are more open and «easy to handle» than other.

Actor 2.0 is really different and his concept of development is, one more time, like no other! We have developed Actor 2.0 with Globo 2.0, our homemade development framework and application server.

Benefit for you is simply unbelievable : you can develop all you want within Actor 2.0, you can change all you want to be more closed with your own needs! Even more incredible, you can create your own application outside Actor 2.0!

With Globo 2.0, you are free as a bird. And we like that. Because we are not a «black box» company!
Click here to discover Globo 2.0