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Globo 2.0

Globo 2.0 is a real "Software Maker"
Create very quickly your own applications or your own extensions to Actor 2.0!

Globo 2.0 : development framework & application server

Globo 2.0 will change dramatically the way of coding and designing applications. With Globo 2.0, you can create and run very easily and very quickly real business and professional applications.

What’s Globo 2.0?

Globo 2.0 is a "software maker" or more globally, a "development framework". In other words, with Globo 2.0, you are able to create any «IT applications» : large & industrial web site, data management software, stock management, HR packages, processing/interfacing applications, banking applications, etc etc...

In short : you do what you want!

You create your own application with Globo 2.0, and this application, in real time, will run on his application server, Globo 2.0 itself. Any development (for example: a new consultation screen, with data manipulation) are simply and directly runnable on fly!

Globo 2.0 : For whom? For what?

For whom? Globo 2.0 is intended for software development companies (like us!), consultancy companies, and of course, for IT teams in any company.

For what? Globo 2.0 allow to develop and deploy any Data Management Softwares as:

  • New solution, core or complementary
  • Migration solution to move to a modern and integrated software architecture
  • Strategy for multinational deployment or SaaS providing

An impressive amount of features

Globo 2.0 include all useful features for software development activities. All what you need to develop professional and up-to-date application is include within Globo 2.0. It’s really true for one good reason : we are using yourself each day Globo 2.0 to create your famous banking software, Actor 2.0!

Here you have main features of Globo 2.0:

  • Logical DataModel Designer & Automatic Database Structure Synchronization
  • Dynamic descriptive GUI Designer for developers & end users at runtime
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Link the UI Components together to interact, provide embedded functionalities (CRUD, export, stats,...) to create self managed programs
  • Integrate java code to process jobs or to drive complex wizard with no UI code writing
  • Embedded Security Manager
  • Native Jasper Report integration to provide great reporting
  • Integrated "Task Manager", scheduler, and End Of Period management
  • Extensible bi-directional gateway architecture
  • Web Services interface
  • Native Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, perfect for multinational companies with a centralized IT provider/department
  • Multi business application, languages, entities (countries, offices, branches,...)

There are many Application Development Framework on the market, but no other is so complete, professional and featured as Globo 2.0. No one.

Main Benefits

"Team working"

Globo 2.0 really facilitates teamwork. Each developers are developing in a structured application, using the same tools. On project manager side, thanks to the real time & runnable features included on Globo 2.0, he can follow very efficiently all steps of project. It’s so motivating and effective to see the project forward in real time after every big milestones.

Guaranteed success

Thanks to the hybrid structure of Globo 2.0, the framework is also a runtime. The installation of the Application Server already provide the running production platform.Thanks to the hybrid structure of Globo 2.0, the framework is also a runtime. The installation of the Application Server already provide the running production platform.

"Cost cutting"

Because Globo 2.0 is modern & integrated, you need less internal competences. All project build under Globo 2.0 have an incredible "Time To Market". Thanks to the powerful RAD (Rapid Application Development) and UI-zero-code prototype you need less resources and time, and your development time is drastically better! Much better than other similar products.