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Actor 2.0

Actor 2.0, the most advanced & complete banking software.
It manages all your activities! And so much more!

Actor 2.0 : the most advanced & complete banking software.

Actor 2.0 is one integrated 24/7 banking application specifically designed to integrate all functions related to activities of Investment Management Companies.

Actor 2.0 is multi-currencies, multi-accounts, multi-accounting and multi-languages. Its designed for SMB or multinational companies. Actor 2.0 is SaaS ready.

5 "basic" activities

Actor 2.0 is designed by «activities», an unique, original & new conception approach. These activities are managed by one application, one database and one version.

Actor 2.0 is complete, scalable and a fully front-to-back solution. In others words, a very large banking product. A very large number of functionalities are natively included within. But despite this wide operational coverage, Actor 2.0 is very simple to use, learn and maintain. All these functionalities are designed around 5 main business activities:

  • iDecide : Portfolio Management Solutions
  • iExecute : Order Management System
  • iAccount : Back-Office & Accounting
  • iMonitor : Controls, Compliance, MIFID and Risk Management
  • iReport : Reporting Solutions

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This very simple approach «by activities» is unique.

All functionalities are covered by only one application, running under only one database and all of our client runs under the same version. Whether you use 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 activities, you get one and the same application. You can use as many functions as you need, if and when you need them. And always in real time.

Even Actor 2.0 is very open and can be easily interfaced with existing software, legacy or not, it can be used alone, for all your needs and activities.

Thanks to his modern architecture, Actor doesn’t need any synchronization between any modules, don’t need a wide kind of technologies, a large number of hardware layer, etc.

Actor 2.0 is really the most advanced banking software on the market!

More stuffs!!

Actor 2.0 is covering all operational activities of Investment Management Company or, more globally, a financial company. But Actor 2.0 goes further!

Always in the same application, in real time, and under one relational and transactional database, Actor 2.0 also offers the following great tools: some peripheral functions, a web banking application, an app for mobile device and Globo 2.0, our development framework.
Click here to discover these great peripherical tools.