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Dynamic Vectors, The Financial Software Company, a balanced mix between Technology and Finance.

On Top of Technology!

Our core business is simple : continually develop the most modern and most complete solutions on financial market. To maintain this goal, we need a solid knowledge in information technology of course. This is why at Dynamic Vectors, 85% of the workforce is dedicated to developments and technological research.

Our specialists are permanently informed about new techs, while focusing on proven and widespread technologies.
We control 100% of the tools we use and we update them regularly. Our employees continually following training to constantly improve their skill levels.

For example, Actor 2.0, our Core Banking is essentially based on following technologies :

  • Globo 2.0 : our home-made framework, which provides a solid infrasctructure
  • J2EE/XML : only one application server in order to manage all process
  • Oracle 11g : only one modern and strong database to support high data volumes
  • Web Layer : Apache 2.x/PHP 5.x - Json/Ajax

The infrastructure and the implementation model is fully chosen by the client. Both Oracle and Java (and other tools we use) support a wide range of hardware and operating system. Our architectural model also allows several possibilities of use:

  • OS : Windows Server, Unix/Linux Distribution, Solaris
  • Implementation : On-site, Hosted (Cloud)

Our position about technologies is clear. First, it must be modern and up-to-date. It should be part of our age and have to support the new current standards. Secondly, and this is very important in our thinking processes, it must be scalable and open. Whenever we make decisions, we consider these two elements.

On Top of Finance!

At Dynamic Vectors, we place the quality of our products at top of our decisions.
Everything must be irreproachable : used technologies, the "user experience" and application coverage.
For that, we are working only with employees & manager highly skilled in financial sector:

  • Bank/Private Banking : Consultancy, Operational process, Accounting, Integration, ...
  • Asset & Wealth Management : Order Management System, Risk management, Legal, Assets Management, Allocations, Reporting,...
  • Family Office : Consolidation, Analytics & Statictics Tools, ...

We understand the needs of our customers and we help them to improve, based on our advice and tools, to manage their "day-to-day". Our goal is to improve their "day to day" by linking a strong partnership relationship, and not just a classic relationship "customer-supplier".
Dynamic Vectors want radically change the financial technology's world by moving the "cursor-decision" to the client at the center of our attention.

In practice, this means we provide a "proactive" management with all relationship we have: we know the business and we follow very closely all the changes..

We build a trusting relationship by meeting on a very regular basis all our customers:

  • Information Meeting : It's important for us to meet our customers to discuss, share ideas, clarify some objectives, or more basicaly, gice some information about our products or our company.
  • Release Meeting : We take great care to maintain our products. We are constantly improving them through a very regular maintenance. All legal or mandatory stuffs are included in our update process but also all great stuffs that will make the user's day-to-day more and more efficient. We organize update meetings to be more closer to our customers' needs.
  • Techs Meeting : We believe that technology is as important as functionalities offered by an IT solution. This is why we want to speak about technology with our customers. Our products are the most advanced on the financial software market and we prove it!
  • Projects Meeting : At Dynamic Vectors, we know the importance of each project for our clients. This is why we put into a lot of energy and passion. On very regular basis, we meet our customers. We do not tolerate any exceeded in the planning or in the bugdet!

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